Welcome to Cause 4 Paws!

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Cause 4 Paws, Inc. is a small, all-volunteer feline rescue group. We have been in existence for almost 14 years, and have already found homes for over 2,500 orphaned cats.

While we do not have a central facility for our foster animals, we still welcome you to come visit us. Our volunteers are at local pet stores in Madison and Pet Supplies Plus in Garwood on most Saturdays.  We are also at other various locations throughout the year Рcheck the webpage for a list of places. We accommodate interested adopters or those thinking about volunteering to come to our foster homes to see our rescued kitties.

We rescue cats and kittens from local neighborhoods and area shelters that would otherwise be euthanized. Because we have only 4-5 foster homes at any given time, we are limited in the number of cats that we can take in and care for, and are always looking for new foster homes so that we can increase our numbers.

We offer assistance with low cost spaying and neutering and also provide help to people that are interested in trapping, spaying, neutering, releasing feral cats.

Cause 4 Paws, Inc. volunteers can be found just about every weekend at pet stores in Madison and East Hanover showing the foster cats that are looking for homes. We also welcome potential adopters to our homes to see foster cats at other times when possible.

Please give us a call or send us an email to find out more about our group, to ask about a cat, or to become a volunteer!


Visit http://www.lifestylepets.org/protecting-your-pets-a-guide-to-home-safety/ for helpful information and any questions you may have about your cats (or dogs) home safety. Information includes: food safety; what to do during natural disasters; and much more.